Corona Virus Updates


Broadcast Masses:
During this difficult time, it is particularly important that the faithful have access to the grace and comfort of Holy Mass. 

Archdiocese Updates

Plan of Action

Plan for reopening our church.

Recorded Masses

Please view all of our masses here for Jesus, Shepherd of Souls.

Archdiocedes Masses

Broadcast Masses.


A message from Father.

Reopening Parish Updates

Reapertura de la Parroquia Actualizaciones:

A L E R T:

Reopening Training


Below are training materials for the reopening of our churches. As we progress through the phases of our reopening plan new resources will be added, as needed.

Core Reopening Documents

St. Andrew the Apostle and Our Lady of Knock Worship Sites

Our Church

Jesus, Shepherd of Souls we as a team and community that we are, will pull this through together. Have faith, that soon we will come together in person once again.