A minister is someone who is authorized by the church to perform functions – Helping at Mass, teaching beliefs, being an attendant or helper, or providing spiritual guidance.

Qualifications and  Brief Ministry Description

Qualifications for all Ministries are:

  • Ministers must be Witnesses to the Kingdom: by our words, our actions, and the manner in which we conduct our lives;
  • Adults must be fully initiated (Baptized, Confirmed and First Holy Communion), and a practicing Catholic.  Youth must be a practicing Catholic and have at least received First Holy Communion;
  • Registered parishioner or youth of registered parishioner of St. Andrew the Apostle Parish;
  • Mature demeanor with a willingness to serve fellow parishioners;
  • Attend scheduled training and ongoing formation opportunities.

Altar Server – Adult and Youth – are expected to be appropriately prepared, committed to giving their time and talent to their parish community, and willing to serve God’s people. They should be able to understand the Eucharistic celebration and other sacred rites. The server assists the priest and deacon during the Eucharist and other liturgical ceremonies. At all celebrations, servers should be neat, clean and simply dressed. Training is provided.

Choir, Cantor and Music – Adult and Youth  -Music is an integral part of every liturgical celebration. The Choir usually sings at the 10:00 am Mass and other special celebrations. Cantors – lead the congregation in song. Practice is held weekly.

Hospitality – Greeters and Ushers — Adult and Youth  reach out in dedicated service with a welcoming spirit of inclusion to all of our brothers and sisters in Christ. They extend a genuine and warm welcome to all.  Hospitality is important because it’s the first thing that either happens or doesn’t happen when people walk up to and through our church doors. First impressions are lasting impressions, so we need to “do it right” the first time. We must conduct ourselves in such a manner that we make everyone feel that they, too, are part of the Mystical Body of Christ, and make them feel welcome and an integral part of our communal worship. They also assist if seating is requested, assist in the presentation of the gifts, collect the offerings, distribute the bulletins, and act in emergencies.Training is provided along with ongoing faith formation.

Lector – Adult and Youth – Lectors proclaim the Word of God. This ministry calls not only for a special gift in proclaiming the Word of the Lord, but also requires extensive preparation. The lector is the storyteller of the community who publicly tells the stories that identify us as a People of God. The lector is a true leader of the assembly, for before there can be meaningful telling of the story, the lector must delve into its background, its characters, time, and place. Lectors must be comfortable with public speaking, and proficient with diction, enunciation, pronunciation, and projection. Training is provided to become Commissioned in this ministry along with ongoing faith formation.

Religious Education – Teacher / Teacher Aid / Office Personnel – Adult and Youth  – Teach structured Religion and Sacramental preparation to youth in grades 1 through 8. Aides help the Teacher in preparing the children to learn and assist teachers at out-of-class activities (Mass and service projects). Office Personnel answers the phone, tracks attendance, updates records, etc. Classes are held on Sunday mornings 9:00 – 10:30 am

FAMILY FEST –  Adult and Youth – Chair or be a committee member. The fest  is held on a Saturday and Sunday in June on our parish grounds.